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You Can Choose How You Want to Respond - Evolve or Remain

Sometimes I feel confident in my body. Sometimes I feel self-conscious, bloated, or weak.

Sometimes my thoughts change throughout the day as my body changes, but I no longer let them consume my day and mind. Now, I respect my body enough to take care of it even when my mind tries to convince me otherwise.🌿

I’ve come to realize that my body is constantly changing - everyday, every hour, every month.

I don’t want to waste all my precious time and energy trying to feel confident in my body — only for that confidence to leave after my next meal, next morning, next day.

I had to live through the cycle (trying to find a fleeting sense of confidence through "controlling" my body image) enough times to see how predictable it is. It's exhausting. I want more for myself. Now when I'm feeling self-conscious and insecure, I remind myself that I have a choice - I can go back down the exhausting path of trying to control my body-image (well, illusion of control) or I can try something different.

I remind myself that I don't need to always love my body, feel confident, or to feel strong. Body positivity is great and all, but body neutrality often feels more tangible. My body is only one part of who I am, and I've worked hard to separate my sense of self-worth from my body-image and respecting myself enough to take care of myself regardless of how I feel.

This shit is hard, I'm not done yet, but I know this work is worth it.



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