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The Way De Do One Thing is the Way We Do Everything

I have found a lot of joy in moving my body as a form of meditation.

Starting last year, I made the habit out of doing yoga (or simple stretching) everyday. Through this, I’ve learned that yoga is one way I am able to practice/cultivate self-compassion, move with purpose, and practice gratitude. I believe that “the way we do one thing is the way we do everything.” So the simple act of taking time to breathe and stretch everyday has allowed me to practice self-compassion/gratitude/purpose in many areas of my life: in how I take care of my body and show up for patients at work.

Working with the Suicide Prevention Center, National Eating Disorder Association, and in eating disorder residential treatment centers, I have had to practice staying present, compartmentalizing, and prioritizing patient needs everyday. Yoga improves my mind-body connection and allows me to *really* show up at work, display greater empathy and compassion, and stay focused without burning out.

A habit is a muscle that needs to be exercised repeatedly before it can meaningfully change our lives. I remind myself that the goal is progress and not perfection, so even if all I am able to do on a given day is stretch in my PJs or do 5 sun salutations, that’s ok.



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