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The Beauty in You

The Body Image Task Force's annual "The Beauty in You" photoshoot always serves as an incredible reminder for me to stop and reevaluate any thoughts or beliefs I have about my body and body image. I've come to learn that recognizing my beauty is not about profound self love and confidence, it is about accepting my body as it is in this moment and knowing that the way that I look is one of the least interesting things about me. It's about not letting my negative judgments about my body affect the way I'm able to show up in my life, my relationships, and in the way I take care of myself.

I love my smile because it allows me to express my gratitude for the people around me and to authentically connect with others.

I've surrounded myself with incredible people who make me feel valued for who I am, not what I look like, and I'm so thankful for all the ways in which they've shown up in my life and for me.



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