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Remember to Stop and Breathe

Updated: May 13, 2020

In a world that is constantly evolving and developing, it's easy to forget to take the time to stop and breathe. It's easy to forget to take the time to just be.

Mindfulness. Such a simple concept yet remains undiscovered by most people. I only learned about practicing mindfulness this past year while in treatment for my eating disorder. Suffice to say, if it weren't for all the therapy I participated it, I would likely still be oblivious to the practice of mindfulness and how much potential this act has in transforming my life.


I have allowed my thoughts to control my life.

I often catch myself either ruminating about my past mistakes or fantasizing about what the future may bring, and in doing this, I have allowed my thoughts to control my life. This year, I learned about mindfulness and the importance of taking a moment to bring myself back into the present and just exist in stillness. I never fully appreciated life to the fullest, and through practicing mindfulness, I have started to experience life, love, and connection in ways that I never did before. Only after I started connecting with my body and treating myself with love, was I able to fully be conscious of the love and connections that fill my life. Practicing mindfulness has allowed me to truly be grateful for my life.

My therapist once told me, one of the greatest realizations and skills in life is to "tame the monkey mind." Without recognizing how our minds run free and wander, and being led by our thoughts, we are victim to our minds and whatever our thoughts drive us to do. By taking a step back, evaluating my thoughts objectively and non-judgmentally, have I been able to note my thoughts and have more agency in the ways I choose to respond in any given situation. In this way, I have been able to slowly but surely tame my monkey mind, and no longer live a chaotic and unpredictable life.


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