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Comments on "What I Eat In A Day" Videos

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Even if you’re not claiming to be a wellness influencer or recommending a certain way of eating, if you’re putting content out into the world you have to take responsibility for it and expect that people are going to follow suit.

Source: Screenshot of Google Images when searching "What I Eat In A Day Video"

Think really hard about everything you put out there, especially if you have a platform that can potentially influence a lot of people.

Let’s all try and be mindful of the potential harm our posts are making. Let’s not capitalize off of others insecurities, especially on sensitive issues like body image and weight. The people who are most receptive to these explicit or implicit messages the content we share are the very people who are most vulnerable to experiencing harm. Even if our actions are well intentioned, sometimes underlying implicit messages may promote values we don’t regularly advocate for.

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Let’s remember that everyone’s bodies are different and have different needs. Let’s check ourselves every time we feel the need to share our own personalized routine. Let's ask ourselves why we feel the need to share what we eat, how we exercise, and what our daily routine consists of. What do we hope to gain?



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