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Out of the Hurricane

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Regardless of what is happening around you,

The only person who has the capacity to bring you

endless happiness is you.

- Nina Purewall

This quote has really hit home for me lately. I have been endlessly challenged to become an observer of my mind and learn how to not let it control my emotions, behaviors, and life. I have been learning how to observe my thoughts from a distance and remove all the negative emotions attached to my thoughts.

For my whole life, I have struggled to find calm and happiness. I know this sounds impossible, but I have spent my life living in the forever-swirling hurricane. Living in the chaos was draining, all consuming, and exhausting. It wasn't working for me, and I was sensitive and easily affected by any small problem that arose.

I never lived in the present. I was constantly hung up on the past or anticipating the future, and so I completely neglected what was happening for me in the moment.

Now, I am practicing how to keep myself present and witness everything going on around me instead of getting caught up in it. That way, I can stay secure in what I know and not be affected by all the background noise. Because that's what it becomes when you're grounded in the present moment, everything else just becomes background noise. For me, I feel most empowered when I'm secure in my beliefs and am acting from a place of authenticity. By staying present and noticing every thing I'm doing in the current moment, I am able to act purposefully and mindfully. I am able to stay grounded despite the storms around me.


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