• elenaa


Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary and it takes courage to be willing to be vulnerable. When I look back on my life and everything I’ve worked/am working through, my biggest accomplishments have always been the times I’ve bravely stepped into uncertainty and discomfort - all the anxiety, pain, and fear was worth all of the freedom, joy, and love I’ve gained. ✨

In this culture, it’s normal to want to lose weight or change the way your body looks. Today is #NationalNoDietDay, and I’m reminded of how living in a restrictive box of rules, anxiety, and self-hatred only takes away from a meaningful and fulfilling life.

I don’t want to put my life on hold because of how I feel about my body. Life is happening NOW so instead of fighting to temporarily change my physicality, I want to make lasting changes in my mind and heart. Instead of being swayed by detrimental messages the media perpetuates about my self worth, I want to stay grounded in my sense of purpose and continue to surround myself with people who make me feel valued and loved for who I am.


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