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My Favorite Science-Backed Anti-Diet Youtubers

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube everyday, and it can be difficult to navigate the endless sea of content.

When I first started watching YouTube videos on weight loss, dieting, and exercise, I found that I believed any video I watched. Whether the video was on

Through my experience studying psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles, and working closely with professor Dr Janet Tomiyama in her health psychology lab, I have gained an appreciation and passion for nutritional sciences, and how research supports body positivity and health at every size movements. Over the years, I have found myself gravitating towards YouTubers who also value the same education and science that I do, and support my same views on body image and wellbeing using data.

Here are some of my favorite YouTube videos from my favorite YouTubers:

These videos cover important issues that have helped me in my journey of finding body acceptance including:

  1. Human bodies fluctuate NATURALLY throughout the day, whether it's water retention or bloating (Natacha Oceane)

2. On hunger cues, hormones, and the psychology of eating (Stephanie Buttermore)

3. Debunking videos on diet tips using science (Natacha Oceane)

4. The science behind appetite, body weight regulation/fat gain, and set point weight theory (Stephanie Buttermore)

5. "Can you be body positive and want to lose weight?" (Abbey Sharp)

6. The Science of Detraining and rest (Natacha Oceane)

7. The science on fat gain, bloating and muscle loss when eating an extra 1,000 calories a day (Natacha Oceane)

8. Intuitive eating - in practice (Natacha Oceane)

9. Nutrition mistakes to avoid (Jeff Nippard)

10. What does the science say about calories in/calories out? (Jeff Nippard)



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