• elenaa

Let It Go

Updated: May 13, 2020

As humans, we are all on our own path. All of our paths are parallel, equidistant at every point and never touch.

My whole life, I felt the weight of responsibility for others' pain and suffering. If the people I loved was hurting, it was my role to heal. If the people I loved faced a crisis or dilemma, it was my job to help in whatever way that I could.

In order to be a good friend, I needed to repeatedly check in on them, let them know that I cared, and that I was thinking of them. In order to be a good daughter, I needed to show my continual love and obedience.

My whole life, I thought that filling others' cup was the way to prove my love and support. My whole life I didn't understand that I can't fill others' cup without filling my own first. I can't be there for other people if I'm unable to recognize what it is that I need, and to honor that. I never realized the importance of self care in allowing me to be the most supportive daughter and friend, sister and peer that I could be.


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