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How Do You See the World?

Everyone looks at the world differently. Two people can have the same experience, yet have very different interpretations of what happened. Core beliefs are the deeply held beliefs that influence how we interpret our experiences.

Core beliefs are the deeply held beliefs that influence how we interpret our experiences. Think of core beliefs like a pair of sunglasses. Everyone has a different “shade” that causes them to see things differently.

Many people have negative core beliefs that cause harmful consequences. To begin challenging your negative core beliefs, you first need to identify what they are. As humans, we like to seek and validate patterns.

If we have a belief that I am not worthy, we will go through out life looking for evidence to support this belief. If a situation comes up that has the possibility of being interpreted as "oh this happened because I am not worthy," our mind will automatically go there. The scary thing is, the more we search for evidence that supports our core beliefs, the more hardwired we are to automatically find more evidence again. Like any learned belief or action, the more time we spend affirming these core beliefs, the more deeply ingrained they will be. The more we will believe that thought about ourselves, and the more we will see our lives through that lens.

The diagram above illustrates the impact core beliefs have on our experience of the world around us. Thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and bodily sensations all result from our interpretation of events. Interpretations that are shaped by our deep rooted core beliefs.


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