• elenaa

Fight Back

Updated: May 13, 2020

Life always reminds us of what we don't have and where we are flawed, and it's easy to convince ourselves that we care about health while acting from a place of obsession, fear, and compulsion. For years, I lived off the shame of my insecurities and was controlled by food guilt, body beliefs, and a crippling fear of gaining weight while convincing myself that I was happy and healthy.

I've learned that we cannot hate ourselves into self-improvement or happiness, and without a steady underlying acceptance for my body at any weight, I was avoiding facing my own internalized weight stigma and lived in fear. As I continually learn about my body, metabolism, and nutritional sciences, I not only actively challenge parts of our diet-centric culture, but also practice how to deliberately step away from these beliefs to act from a place of self compassion.

I find joy in celebrating the way my body moves and makes me feel strong, and everyday I am working to reclaim the truth about my lovability, value, and inherent worth.


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