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Updated: May 13, 2020

22 years on this earth and I have so much more growth and learning ahead of me.

Let this year be full of growth, love and self reflection.

Instead of trying to change myself to appease others, I am practicing how to look inwards to find acceptance and validation.

Instead of focusing on what I am lacking or doing wrong, I try to actively remind myself of what I have and all my accomplishments.

Instead of being triggered by what someone else says or does, I am learning how to stop comparing myself and find peace with who I am in this very moment.

Instead of living with regret for my past mistakes or misguided hope for what the future will bring, I try to constantly bring myself back to this present moment and feel GRATEFUL.

Instead of searching outside of myself to find love, acceptance, validation, and clarity, I am learning how to trust myself and body and know that I am enough as I am.

Instead of comparing myself to others, I am learning how to stay in my own lane and find peace within myself.

I am gaining perspective of my life and feel a greater sense of agency in how I choose to live it. I feel more grounded in my sense of self and less vulnerable to be affected by any external messages or pressures.

I feel more comfortable just being me, and am learning how to accept all of myself - flaws and all.

There is so much more learning ahead of me, but I am already mesmerized by all the progress I have made so far. To say I feel like this is a completely different lifetime is an understatement, and I am excited to see where all my future growth and self exploration will take me.



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