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My name is Elena and this is my personal site! A place for me to share my love of taking photos, editing, drawing, and writing.


I was born and raised in Hong Kong and studied Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles (Graduated June 2020).


Though only taking a fraction of my life in duration, the story of my struggles with an eating disorder has arguably been one of my most influential and transformative experiences. My interest in clinical research and psychotherapy became personal when I attended residential treatment for my eating disorder in 2017. Through my experiences, I learned the importance of cultivating self-awareness, challenging maladaptive beliefs, and devoting time to continue working on myself.


At UCLA, I was part of the Body Image Task Force, an organization dedicated to spreading self love and awareness about eating disorders, diet culture, and body image. I was also a research assistant for Dr. A. Janet Tomiyama's Dieting Stress and Health lab studying weight stigma, stress, dieting, and physiological health. These two experiences, in particular, solidified my passion for the intersection between advocacy and research.


Learning to be transparent in my recovery taught me the power of personal testimony and vulnerability, and shaped my eagerness to work in the clinical field from an empathetic, patient-centered approach. I have seen firsthand the positive effects of psychotherapy and would like to be at the forefront of the research and treatment that will make a meaningful difference. I aspire to become a Clinical Psychologist, using my personal experiences with mental health to practice empathetically with patients.

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