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7 Day Journal Challenge

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

If you know me, you know I love to journal. Writing out my feelings and thoughts in a small notebook brought me healing and allowed me to explore my core beliefs in a safe yet honest way.

I recently took part in a 30 day journal challenge by Amber Rae, where I journaled to one prompt every morning for a month. Since then, I've been trying to think about where I am struggling, where I am holding onto pain, and where I feel shame.

I came up with 7 journal prompts, and I encourage you to join me and respond to them. They're deep, they're honest, they're uncomfortable to think about and respond to. But I'm hopeful that exploring some of these beliefs, understanding certain expectations that I hold myself to, and having these honest conversations with myself will bring a new level of healing and clarity into my life.

If none of these prompts are calling to you, then please don't feel pressured to write about them! Start where you are, what your needs are, where YOUR pain or suffering lies. Explore the roots of your beliefs, your expectations, your pain. Practice being uncomfortably honest with yourself.

Here are the prompts again

(if the images aren't loading or you can't read my handwriting hahah)

1. What do I forgive myself for NOT being?

Until we are able to forgive ourselves for being everything we are not, we will not be able to accept and love ourselves for everything we are. What expectations do you hold yourself to? How have you fallen short? Let go of everything you think you need to be.

2. Why am I scared to be seen as I am?

What fears are associated with being vulnerable? Why do you feel unworthy of being seen as you are, and for all that you are? Is it fear of rejection? Fear of getting hurt?

3. In what ways am I living in shame?

From feeling the need to stay small, hiding who I truly am, letting my mind bully me - how am I letting shame influence the way I show up in the world and in my relationships?

4. What does happiness mean to me?

Whether it's a feeling, activity, or action, when have you truly felt happy - the long-lasting kind.

5. What do I need today?

What would make today great? Whether it's something simple like eating a bagel, doing yoga, or calling a friend - what steps ca you take to honor your needs?

6. What pain are you holding onto?

From traumatic events to relationships - how are you holding onto and living through your past hurt? Why are you scared to let it go? How will you go about doing that?

7. Today, I am....

Write a daily affirmation. Maybe practice copying it out a number of times. Surround yourself with the affirmation.

Good luck!



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